How to Win on Pokies at Every Game

Playing the pokies can be one of the most exciting games you can play at the casino. The adrenalin of a pokie jackpot is akin to the thunder of hooves as the horses enter the straight at the Melbourne Cup. But it’s wise to learn some basic techniques and wise pokies strategy to keep your enjoyment of pokies at a maximum.

1. Learn good money management strategies and stick to them. 1. Take the first machine you come to
2. Look for competitions and slot bonuses 2. Believe the stories about hot and cold pokie machines.
3. Find pokies with good payouts 3. Play high risk machines with a small cash bank
4. Research paytables and play machines with good payouts 4. Try and win back your lost bets
5. Enjoy yourself, relax and have fun at pokies 5. Use pokie machines with the minimum features
6. Play progressive pokies with Bet Max 6. Worry about a loss, or become frustrated

Pokies Tips

The following advice from professional gamblers is comprehensive but essential reading for all gamblers want to get the most from their experience with pokie machines – they apply equally to offline or real life casinos.

Learn all the rules

Learn all you can about the rules and regulation for your casino game of choice. Ask the casino’s staff members to clarify anything you are unsure about. To have any chance of winning at pokies, you need to know everything you can about the rules and how to play, as well all the recommendations of how to win on pokies machines.

How to Win on Pokies | Pokies Tips and Strategy

Set the bankroll

Play only with money you can afford to lose. Once you start playing pokies, it can be hard to stop, so if you start with a disciplined approach to money management it will do much to keep you playing in a successful and enjoyable manner.

Bonuses can make the difference

Study and research the bonuses that different machines offer. These include bonus multipliers, free spins and double your money bonuses. Bonuses can add greatly to your winnings, but be sure to find out the downside as well. There’s no free lunch at the casino, and bonus rounds can wipe out your winnings as well.

Don’t be scammed

We all want to win big at the casino. While there are strategies and skills to learn in many casino games, the ability to increase you winnings at pokies is limited. Avoid the temptation to buy books or systems that “show you how to win on pokies”. There’s no way to beat the random number generator, except through luck and knowing when to stop after winning a jackpot.

Take a break

Don’t become a zombie on the pokie machines. A “zombie” is industry jargon for a player that sits and stares at a pokie screen gambling – and losing money. If you enjoy playing pokies, then take regular breaks, talk to a friend or take a walk. When you return the pokie machine will still be there.

Selecting the best casino

Once you’ve decided to play pokies, and you’ve learned the rules and how they work, it’s time to find a safe and reliable casino. It’s hard to go past the bigger casinos that have been around a while and have solid reputations, but always check their certificate and license before parting with any cash.