Pokies Strategy

The first thing to realize is that there is no magic way to win on any pokie machine! Winners are chosen by luck, but there are strategies to improve your chances and to at least make your time at the pokies more interesting and enjoyable. Relax and have fun whether you are in a life casino or you chose to play pokies online.

Winning Pokies Strategy and Tips

Winning Strategies

Learn the Game

You can find out about payout schedules for each machine before you start to play. Each machine can have different payout percentages plus bonus rounds and conditions, so find out about these before spending cash. Stick to machines that pay out at least 95%.

Understand Paylines

Some pokie machines have more paylines than others. Choose a machine with the maximum number of paylines with maximum coins as well to increase your payout chances. This will cost more, of course, but it means you are betting more often and this brings you closer to a jackpot win.

Use a Good System

In any casino game players should find good casino betting systems to use. The Martingale system is the recommended one for pokies where your bet increases after each loss and reduced to a minimum after a win. If possible, play on multiple machines, and this will allow your bet size to increase more rapidly.

Look for Bonus Machines

A good strategy can be just to maximize your time on pokies that are paying bonuses. Check out the machine or the game you are playing and make sure there are enough bonus rounds to improve your chances and boost your bankroll.

Progressive Jackpots

If you are chasing progressive jackpots, play with maximum coins to increase your chances. Otherwise, you may be increasing the pool for other players! It’s a nice idea to keep your bets low; it should prolong your time at the pokie machines and give you more chances to win. The problem is any winnings will be smaller, rather than the hefty payout of the big jackpots.

The Best Way to Win

The best strategy for playing the pokies is simply to have fun! There’s no way to beat the random number generator, and knowing this will keep your head clear and keep your time at the pokies enjoyable. So you don't have always think of how to win on pokies, as the luck sometimes means much more.