Guide to Roulette Games

Learn to Play and Win Roulette

A very easy game to play, Roulette has the action and high payouts to satisfy even the most experienced casino player. One spin of the wheel is all it takes to create overnight success. The rules for playing classic and online roulette are almost the same, so you don't need to learn them twice.

The Roulette Table

All roulette tables have an area for placing bets, plus a spinning wheel with numbered slots from 1-36. The numbers are successively colored black and red. There are two versions of roulette, American and European. The main difference is that the American roulette version has a 0 and 00 slot whereas European roulette has the single 0 slot. 0/00 slots are green in color.

Betting in Roulette

There are two main categories of bet in roulette: inside and outside bets. Inside bets are mainly on smaller number combinations whereas outside bets tend to be on categories of numbers.

Inside bets

Bet Description Payout
Straight-up bet Bet on a single number 35:1
Street bet Pick three numbers 11:1
Square bet Four number bet 8:1
Split bet Any two numbers 17:1
Five number bet Pick 0,00,1,2,3 6:1

Outside bets

Bet Description Payout
Column bet Betting on any column of numbers 2:1
Color bet Black/red numbers Even money
Odd/even Odd or even numbers Even money
High/Low Higher/lower than 19 Even money
Dozen bet Any of the 3 dozens of numbers 2:1

Points to Note

When play roulette game at online or land casino you must be very careful as this is mostly a game of luck. Go for trusted Aussie online casinos lists and check for roulette bonuses before playing. Moreover, remember the following points that can make your gameplay smooth as well as lucky.