Keno Online Guide

The game of keno is played all over the world. By playing online, keno can be played anywhere, at the casino of your choice. Keno online is not any different than traditional keno, with the same rules and chances to win. In keno online the easiest way to start is just like in any other game - you learn the rules by playing casino games and you are ready to win.

Keno Online Guides - How to Play Keno and Win

Keno Online Rules

Players choose between 4 and 10 numbers – called ‘spots’ - from 1 to 80. The keno machine will then randomly pick 20 numbers and display the result on the keno screen. The winning keno balls are a different color and it’s easy to see whether you’ve won. The goal of keno is for players to match as many of their own numbers to the keno selections.

Wagering on Keno

As well as picking their own numbers players can choose how much to wager on the result. The greater amount bet by a player the greater will be any payouts from winning. Returns through wagering on keno can be very large, compared to the bet size which should be kept low to retain a good bank size. Perhaps the only two things player can influence on in keno online is choosing the size of the bet and selecting numbers he/she wishes to bet on, there can be no strategies like card counting for blackjack or even like roulette strategy tips.

Keno Payout

A formula based on numbers chosen and numbers hit determines the payout in keno. A high wager further multiplies the payout by leveraging the bet. The highest payout in keno comes when a player selects the maximum spots and a high proportion of them are hit.

Playing Keno Online

Keno is one of the easiest games to learn along with slots – especially if you play keno online. Before playing, determine your wager amount - the coins used online are equivalent to your account denomination. You can bet either one or four units, referred to as BET ONE, or BET MAX. Choosing the BET ONE button gives you one coin per each game and BET MAX means you are betting four coins per game. Increasing or decreasing the wager amount is easy; just select either Decrease (-) or Increase (+)to alter your bet size. The higher your bet size, the greater payout you receive on winning.

Once you’ve chosen your wagering strategy, it’s time to select your numbers, or spots. Simply select up to 10 numbers you hope will be chosen by the keno machine. You can also choose the number of games to play with your selected numbers. PLAY ONE will give you one game, PLAY FIVE gets you five games and PLAY TEN means you are playing ten games in a row with your numbers.

Once you’re ready to play, just push PLAY and the keno machine randomly selects 20 numbered keno balls. The selected keno balls will be a different color to the rest and the screen will show whether or not you have won. To play again, simply repeat the process with either the same numbers or wager size, or try some different numbers and wager amount.