Video Poker Rules and Scoring

Online Video Poker - How to Play Video Poker

To new players, video poker looks like traditional poker using a mechanism of Australian pokies. Like a slot machine, each hand needs a new bet and the payout depends on the size of the bet – and how good the hand is. The name Video Poker arises because hands are displayed on a screen and the player bets against the machine. It is a game that combines skill, strategy and an element of luck and surprise.

Because the game is played online at any of casinos in the online casinos list, the objective of video poker game is to get the best card hand. The player places a bet and then the video poker machine deals 5 cards (out of a traditional 52-card deck). The ranking of hands is exactly the same as in normal table poker.

Once dealt, players can chose which cards to keep by pressing the HOLD button. Once satisfied, the player presses DEAL/DRAW and discarded cards are replaced. When you get your new hand, it is evaluated and depending on the type of hand you’ve got, points are awarded and a tally is kept.

Here are the rankings and full descriptions of hand scores from the highest, a Royal Flush, through to the lowest, a Pair.

Video Poker Hands

Royal Flush royal_flush - the ultimate hand, containing a 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace all of theidenticalsuit.

Straight Flush straight_flush - video poker hand where five cards must be consecutive and of the identicalsuit.

Four of a Kind four_of_a_kind - four cards in different suits but the identicalvalue.

Full House full_house - three cards with the same value and a pair.

Flush flush - any five cards of different value and in any sequence, but of the identicalsuit.

Straight straight - five cards of different suits in a sequence.

Three of a Kind three_of_a_kind - video poker hand where three cards are of identical value.

Two Pair two_pair - two pairs of the cards in video poker hand.

Pair pair - two cards of the same value in the hand.

How to Play Video Poker

Just like in any other game, the casino etiquette rules and betting systems for video poker are special. Learn the easy steps of playing video poker to understand the whole process of the game.

Our user guide shows you how easy it is to play video poker