Winning Roulette Strategy

Everyone has a tip on how you can win at any casino game,and roulette is no exception. But before jumping blindly in, it makes sense to examine the different strategies and see which ones make sense for your own style of gambling. To increase your odds at roulette can take a few simple steps and is easy to do.

Effective Roulette Strategy Explained

Roulette Strategy Tips

It’s always a good option to take on board what professional gamblers have to say about betting roulette strategy. It’s surprising that professionals are so forthcoming about sharing their knowledge, but I guess we all like to see others given a fair go.

  • Not all roulette wheels offer the “Surrender” or the “En Prison” option. If you can find a casino that has these options, play there as much as you can. This option gives you some insurance when betting even money or outside bets, keeping some of your money on the table for the next spin.
  • Work out your own style at the roulette table. The huge payouts for inside bets are tempting, but remember there’s no free lunch at the casino, so the higher payout attracts a low probability for winning. So, if you’re going for inside bets be prepared to use up a lot of your bankroll before scoring.
  • Even money and the lower odds bets bring the least house advantage, so this should keep you at the table for longer, even though you might win less.
  • All professionals will recommend that disciplined money management is vital to maintaining a betting edge. Work out a betting budget and stick to it, is the most common quote. Combined with an appropriate betting system it is the starting point for success in any gambling endeavour.
  • The most common roulette strategy in American roulette, avoid the five number bet (1, 2, 3 plus 0, 00). This bet has the lowest probability of success and gives the greatest house advantage.
  • Play European roulette rather than the American version, which has nearly double the house advantage.
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