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With big respect to the privacy of our visitors, we do not require any personal information when visiting casinosaustralia.online. Nonetheless, if during either a product-related questionnaire or while a transaction on the Site the data visitors provide is protected from any access and all will be informed of how the data received will be used. The statement you will see below explains the info practices on the Site.


The following Statement covers all areas of casinosaustralia.online located at casinosaustralia.online (the Site). The information received according to the information collection rules of the Site is the data provided by individuals to casinosaustralia.online, which is such not concerning the trade, business activities or profession of the visitors.

The hyperlinks found at the Site may be the ones to and from the other Internet Sites, including but not limited to any of the sites affiliated to casinosaustralia.online. casinosaustralia.online doesn’t hold any responsibility for the content or the privacy policies or other websites. You are recommended to consider and learn the privacy policy of any website and/or company prior to submitting your personal info. You may find all the further details on the Site hyperlinks at the Terms of Use on the Site.


Information we (casinosaustralia.online ) gather as a rule may fall into 2 categories:

  1. The Tracking info, collected while the user is navigating through the Site.
  2. Personal Info - provided by visitors on voluntarily basis.

Tracking Information

Tracking info is collected automatically. The info is collected to review the activity of the sites, the landing pages, the time spent on the Site and the sources the visitors came from.

  1. The Site is collecting the tracking info anonymously. No Personal Information is associated with this data.
  2. Tracking Information is being collected by the webserver cookies and logs. The webserver logs collect data about the activity of the website. A cookie is a tiny parcel of info used to track, authenticate and maintaine particular info about the users of the Site (the site preferences etc.). casinosaustralia.online tracks repeating visits to the Site using cookies. Cookies are assigned to visitor's computers, without collecting any personal info about the owner of the computer, unless it is specifically provided by the owner himself on a voluntarily basis.
  3. Tracking Info is used in order to improve the design of the Site and the content by the analysis of the stats of visits.

Personal Information

Personal Information implies user's name, e-mail and address and also some extra unobligatory information. Personal Info can be collected on some Site pages in case the user wishes to ask casinosaustralia.online a question, when downloading the software, or subscribing.

Moreover, Personal Info can be collected as a part of an application in a contest.

Personal Info is used for promotions, any administration purposes, which includes verification and notification of contest winners.

Usage of the Information

The Info provided to the Site is being used to provide the users with new casinosaustralia.online services and promotions that are considered of big interest to the user. The Info can be shared within the employees of the Site, the agents, independent contractors or any other casinosaustralia.online related and unrelated entities and business partners acting on behalf of the Site with an aim of fulfilling and shipping the order or award.

No personal info shall be shared with non- casinosaustralia.online sites, unless it is considered necessary as in case of completing the transaction. casinosaustralia.online holds no responsibility for any privacy policies of any other sites, and leaves it as the subject to their agreement to view all the personal info as a confidential business info understanding that it cannot and may not be used for any other purposes than to perform the direct function.

User's contact e-mail addresses are to be used only to send answers to questions the Site receives as well as to provide with updates of the services, and inform on the extra promotions and offers.

Personal Info may be revealed in case necessary in order to comply with the law, or the Site in good faith finds the action necessary, i.e. in order to apply to the Terms and Conditions of the Site, in order to protect the rights and safety or property of casinosaustralia.online

casinosaustralia.online doesn’t exclude the possibility of buying/selling the assets of the company in future. The transactions of such a kind will view visitors' personal info as a business asset only. Moreover, the info can be transferred if or when casinosaustralia.online or all of its assets are purchased or are subject to the liquidation in case of bankruptcy.

Data Protection

Security systems of highest standarts are used in order to prevent any unauthorized access, to provide the data accuracy and maintain the correct use of info. All the systems being used at this site comply with the newest security standards and all include electronic, and physical, and/or managerial procedures, that help to provide protection of the information gathered online and to ensure its correct use.

Nonetheless, because of the fact that no data can be totally safe on the Internet, we cannot guarantee complete security of any information submitted to us. All users provide the info at their own risk. casinosaustralia.online maintains assessing and evaluating the abilities of the newest technologies in offering the extra protection of the info.

Access to Personal Data

Any Personal Information gathered by the Site shall not be used and/or shared unless it is said otherwise in the following Statement.

Right to Change Privacy Statement

casinosaustralia.online holds the right to make amendments to this Statement at any time. All the changes shall be considered effective right upon being posted on the Site. New update - May 14, 2012.

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