Enjoy European Roulette Now!

Try out European roulette – all for free. Learn how bet to the best advantage and get the greatest edge. This version of classic and online roulette has the lowest casino edge. At 2.7% the house edge is nearly half of that for American roulette.

Here is a brief summary of the rules of European roulette:

  • Bets are made on numbers 1-36 and the 0 slot
  • Inside bets pay between 5:1 and 35:1
  • Payouts for outside bets are from 2:1 to even money 1:1

More information including detailed rule explanations can be found in our roulette guide. We also cover various kinds of roulette strategy and hints from professionals to give you the best possible starting point in learning to play roulette.

Payouts for European Roulette

The first strategy for new players is to only play European roulette, which gives the best edge to players. It’s hard enough to win at any casino, without giving the players any extra advantage! Here is a summary of bet types and their payouts:

  • Straight up pays 35:1
  • Split pays 17:1
  • Corner bet pays 8:1
  • Street bet pays 11:1
  • Six lines bet pays 5:1
  • Dozen/column pays 2:1
  • Black/Red, Odd/Even, Low/High bets pay 1:1
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