Casino Etiquette

As with any social setting, courtesy and good manners are essential for the occasion to be fulfilling and rewarding for everyone. A casino is little different, providing many opportunities for social interaction, in addition to gambling fun. But a casino attracts large groups of people, and it’s vital that everyone follows normal good manners and protocol.

Rules of Casino Etiquette

Following protocol is common sense, but there are a few separate rules for the various casino games, that obviously won’t apply anywhere else.

Pokies Etiquette

You might think playing pokies is a solitary activity, but there are a few basic rules of good conduct, or etiquette that all players should be familiar with.

At busy times use one machine only: Be aware of playing multiple machines during busy times. Other players may be waiting, but you may not be aware of them. A good rule is to always ensure there are several spare machines before even considering playing multiple machines.

How to reserve your machine: If you wish to leave the pokies area for a brief time but reserve your machine, there are several options. A common one is to leave a coin cup on the seat, or a personal item such as a jacket. But do make sure there are no other players waiting.

Slot machine cards: Some casinos provide players with a smart card to fund their machine, and these are often left behind. Don’t be tempted to use the card, just place it on top of the machine or hand to a staff member. The player will soon be back for it!

Tipping the staff: It’s a good idea to tip the staff occasionally, especially if you are having a good night. While you don’t have to tip, it makes for good manners and more enjoyment for everyone, particularly after a jackpot win.

Etiquette in Blackjack

Part of playing blackjack game is following the rules of the game, but also applying the rules in a sporting manner, so that everyone gets a fair go, and enjoys the whole experience.

  • Normally, you will join a blackjack table while a game is in progress. Politely ask the players if they would mind if you played with them. If any decline, you can go to another table or wait for the game to finish.
  • If you are considering not joining a table, keep a good distance between you and other players in case you are distracting them.
  • Stack your bets neatly in the center of the special betting circle. Care should be taken to place the chips on top of each other, quietly, so as to not upset other player’s concentration.
  • Try not to converse with other blackjack players at the table. They may not wish to talk and this should be respected. Any questions you have should be directed at the dealer.
  • Once your bet is made, do not touch the chips, or your cards.
  • Learn the proper signals for betting and signaling what you require from the dealer. If you don’t know them, then just say the words.
  • If you leave a tip for a dealer, show respect and place the chips gently.

Roulette Etiquette

When playing roulette, there’s not much to do but place your bet and watch the wheel spin, so good manners and adherence to etiquette becomes all important.Here’s a list of the most basic rules:

  • If the dealer says “No more bets,” he means just that.
  • Place your bets when the dealer states “Place your bets,” not before. This is always after the previous payout.
  • Once bets are laid on the table, never touch your own or any other player’s chips. The croupier’s job is to handle payouts and collect losing bets.
  • Don’t ask other players questions or distract them.
  • Do not rejoice in other players losing.
  • Learn the rules of roulette and enjoy the game.
  • Keep strictly to any dress code the casino has in place.
  • Consider tipping the dealer but check whether the casino allows this.

Mostly, casino rules of etiquette are simple to follow but it makes good sense to learn them and gain respect from your fellow players and staff members.

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